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Nov 11, 2013 2:00am PST
child? >> i don think tre's ything worse you can do to a child. >> tonigh the mormon girl whose innocence was so brutally stolen reveals how she turd terror into triumph summoning the resolve to survi and even outwt her captors. she writesbout it all in her new book "my story". >> when i decided to write i i knew i wanted it to be real. i knew i wanted to go all the way. >> so why now? >> i have heardo many terrible ories. on in four girls, one in six ys are going to be sexually abus. those statistic are staggering. so in a sense it was important that you put out the detail of that abuse so people realize they're not alone? >> absolutely. >> itll goes back to the late springf 2002. elizabeth w lived in an upscale neighborhood i salt lake city utah wit her parents ed and loisnd five siblings was just typical -year-old girl eerly anticiping high school. >>ll the different clubs and sports teams and getting my driver's license and dating. i mean, i was ready. >> in a city fams for its mormon roots, elizabeth felt sheltered and protected. she had her large famil her ith and her belo
Nov 13, 2013 10:00pm EST
tu cabecita. >> igualmente doÑa chavela, y usted tambiÉn don oscar. >> igual. >> al rato te das una vuelta allÁ arriba, me cierras bien, hijo y te vienes a cenar con nosotros. >> ay, ¿cÓmo cree? si llegan los inquilinos y no me ven en el escritorio, capaz de que hasta me corren. >> no, ni dios lo mande. no, no, no. >> ¡pero nosotras sÍ podemos, doÑa chave! ¿nos invita? >> ¿pero ustedes quÉ hacen aquÍ? yo las hacÍa en su casa, con su familia. >> pus, nosotras tambiÉn pero pues... >> no, ni me cuentes, ni me cuentes porque ahorita me suelto chillando, y me enchilo de veras. y esta noche es para que la pasemos bien contentos. asÍ que vamos a cenar. ♪ >> ni pregunten ni pregunten, Órale. vamos pa' la casa. ¡Órale! ahorita te mando algo rico de cenar, mijo. tÚ no te preocupes. >> bueno, en realidad, el mercado inmobiliario en mÉxico en este momento estÁ teniendo un boom. yo creo que los cortina deberÍamos de aprovecharlo porque creo que estamos en momento de crecer y de salir un poco de lo que hemos hecho Últimamente. >> con permiso, yo voy a ir a... voy a... >> si
Nov 18, 2013 2:00am PST
that iwas a murder. >> who wld want to hurt him? >> i don know. i don't know anybody who had that much hate inheir heart to commit a crime like that. >> so this was just, what, bad luck being in the parki lot at the wrong me? >> yeah >> tryin to help the wrong person? >> yeah. evil exists. evil dwells in people. it comes out and things like this happen >> what evil had killed joel veling? r grand forks poli, the answer lay somewhere on a long list of potential spects. and may one o themad left callg card, something found at the scene, a bloody piece of a halloween costume. poce thought it might be the key to unmasking a killer. >> a killer in a costume? investigators had never seen anything lik this. a case playing out like deadly real life game ofclue. and whene come back, t round-upf those possie spects begins. e penguin. >> it could be the penguin. >> yep, that was the thinking. >> the cowboy. >> the cowboy i very difcult to dl with. >> the clown. >> the clown was pre. made us wonder why. ♪ [ male announcer ] new vicks dayquil sere. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest,
Nov 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
, io not hate my mother. i don' like who she is. i don't like what s's done. she's my mother and i love her. >> bill mumber spends his days simp now wh family. he's taken up fishing with his brother, bob. >> i never thought we were going to do ts again. >> neither did i, robert. >> rons getting to kw his dad all ove again. >> the things you take for granted. all these firsts i've been waiting for. to now have him back iny life, there's no words for it. >> that's all for w. i'm lester holt. thanksor joining us. >>> righ now at 11:00, a deadly weend across the area. we'll havehe lateeps the investigations from theouth bay san francisco. and -- >> oh, my god, this thing is gettinreally wide. with millions hit hard. dead >>lus, hea from flyers stuck because those severe storms >> good evening. of. >> it has been a viont weekend in the south bay. ere were two suicidend a fatal officer-involved shooting th weekend.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4